10 Dos and Don'ts for Hosting

10 Dos and Don'ts for Hosting

Hosting guests can be an exciting yet nerve-wracking experience. Whether you’re hosting friends for game night, having people over for a dinner party, or having family from out of town stay overnight, creating a warm and welcoming atmosphere is key to ensuring everyone has a great experience in your home. But who says hosting can’t be fun?


Get ready to take the stress out of welcoming guests and level up your hosting game with our 10 simple dos and don'ts for hosting any occasion. From your dining table and console table to your living room tables, this guide will make sure every room and every furniture piece is your home is equipped for you to host a party all your friends and family will be talking about.


1. DO provide a space for guests to leave their stuff

When guests arrive, they usually have stuff to unload. That's where an entryway table with storage comes in handy. A table for entrance way not only gives a warm welcome to your home but also provides a convenient spot for guests to leave their belongings during their stay.


Solid wood console table with storage underneath and floral decor


You can jazz up the foyer table with cozy lighting, beautiful floral arrangements, and other decorations to make your guests feel right at home. With an entrance table with storage, convenient cubbies or baskets on a shelf underneath are a great way to keep their belongings safe and accessible.


So, go ahead and create a stylish and functional console table for storage that your guests will appreciate.


2. DON’T feel pressured for everything to be perfectly cleaned

Relax – nobody expects your home to be completely spotless, so don't stress about the little things. Just focus on decluttering and cleaning surfaces like counters, mirrors, and windows. Then, you can use the rest of your time to decorate and set up food, drinks, and activities for your guests.


Two 3-drawer dressers with mirror, lamp, and flowers


If you need to stash away some clutter, consider using furniture like a hallway table with storage or a chest of drawers to stow it away until everyone leaves. Cleaning up will be a breeze and you can easily check it off your to-do list.


3. DO add decorative conversation starters to your living space

Get the party started with décor that everyone will be talking about – literally. Keep your guests entertained by adding fun books, conversation cards, or other activities to your coffee table. Decorating a coffee table with things like these not only adds personality to your living space but also helps warm up guests to each other if they haven’t met before.


When the party's over and you're ready to clean up, a solid wood coffee table that has storage is an easy way to speed up the cleanup process. Solid wood is one of the easiest surfaces to clean, and a coffee table with shelf is a super quick way to declutter. Simply add a basket to the shelf underneath your coffee table with storage and take the stress out of cleaning up.


4. DON’T crowd the living room with furniture

While it's crucial to offer plenty of seating, you want to avoid overcrowding the living room, as it can make the space feel cramped and difficult to move around.


Black coffee table with black end tables for living room and sofa


Consider choosing L-shaped seating with a small coffee table and end tables for living room in between to ensure an open concept living space that everyone can move around comfortably. This setup not only provides ample seating but also offers convenient tabletop space for placing food and drinks, all without compromising the sense of spaciousness.


5. DO create a stylish centerpiece for your dining table

Take your dining room table décor to the next level with a stylish centerpiece. Try a taller, narrower option like flowers, colorful vases, or candlesticks. Options like these can add visual interest without taking up too much table space on a small dining table, allowing guests to converse comfortably during meals.



Solid wood dining room set for 4 with floral centerpiece and colorful glassware



6. DON’T overcrowd your dining table

If you’re hosting a larger group of guests, ensure that your dining table is large enough to accommodate the group. If your kitchen table is too small, guests will feel crowded and uncomfortable trying to fit in at the table, even if there are enough dining room chairs for everyone.


Farmhouse table with two dining benches


A great solution to maximize comfortable seating space at a rectangular dining table is to opt for a dining table with bench. When you use a dining bench with table, you can easily squeeze in an extra person or two compared to traditional chairs without sacrificing comfort and personal space.


7. DO set up place for guests to serve themselves

Make serving easier with a dedicated space, like a sofa table turned serving station. It'll keep your dining table from getting overcrowded and save you from constantly passing dishes around. Whether it's a DIY drink bar or a buffet, stock your makeshift serving station with all the essentials your guests will need, from napkins to ice to straws.


Natural wood dining table with two dining benches and black console table


If you're working with a small or narrow console table, get creative with a decorative tiered platter for small foods or appetizers to add a stylish touch that guests will love while saving space. A console table with storage shelf is also a great way to save space and provide an extra spot for everything your guests may need.


8. DON’T spend the entire night in the kitchen

It can be tempting to be a perfectionist and stay in the kitchen cooking all night, but remember, your guests are here to spend time with you. So, make sure to set yourself a spot at the table, kick back, and simply enjoy the company.


Keep the focus on connecting with your guests and enjoying your time together, rather than stressing over the details. After all, the best memories are made when everyone's relaxed and having a great time.


9. DO make your overnight guests feel at home in your guest room

If you're expecting overnight guests, it's important to ensure that your guest room is fully stocked with essentials. Be sure to provide clean sheets, plenty of clean towels, and any items they might have forgotten, such as a phone charger and extra toiletries.


Consider keeping these items in a bedroom dresser or bedside table for easy access throughout their stay, making them feel right at home away from home.


Walnut queen bed frame for guest room


The goal is to create a cozy and welcoming environment for your visitors, so consider adding small touches like a bedside lamp, a selection of books, and perhaps even a small basket of snacks to make their stay even more comfortable and enjoyable.


10. DON’T provide an uncomfortable mattress

If you want to create the best beds for guests, investing in a good memory foam mattress is a key factor. Part ways with the creaky mattress you’ve kept around a little too long and choose a mattress that will give your guests a comfortable night’s sleep that will make them feel right at home.


The best memory foam mattresses provide medium-firm support, striking the perfect balance between comfort and support. This can make all the difference in their overall comfort during their stay.


While hosting guests can be a lot of work, by following these tips, you can make the experience fun, easy, and stress-free for everyone involved. From your entryway to your living room to your dining room to your guest room, every space in your home will be in tip-top shape for hosting with these simple fixes.


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