The Plank+Beam Difference

We Consider Every Angle

We approach every piece of furniture with thoughtful attention to detail and a meticulous eye—we are the product of a Dane and a German after all. We obsess over things like the curvature of a chair back or the weight versus strength of a particular wood, in the pursuit of making great furniture. We know we've gotten it "just right" when we've created a design we can't wait to have in our own homes, and that meets our standard of best in class engineering at the best possible price.

Solid Wood Construction

The natural beauty and strength of wood makes it our material of choice. We first source sustainably and then take the time to perfect every plank, removing knots and weak points to ensure the stability and high weight capacity of each piece.

Exclusive Designs

Every Plank+Beam furnishing is designed and manufactured in-house. While we aim to create modern, functional, versatile pieces that appeal to a variety of home decor styles, we are also proud to say that all of our designs are uniquely exclusive to us.

Strong Connections

A piece is only as strong as its weakest link, right? You'll be glad to know you won't find any weak links here. Sturdy metal-on-metal bolt connections provide stability and our color-matched hardware blends in beautifully with the entirety of every design.

Beautiful Finishes

Our unique multi-step finish process creates rich color while enhancing the inherent beauty of natural wood grain. Every water-based finish has been vetted to be both non-toxic and low-VOC—keeping with and even exceeding the highest industry safety standards. Read our Finish Guide to learn more.

Optimized Production

Our dedicated production facility combines the best materials with state-of-the-art tools to minimize waste and maximize value. In fact, we pride ourselves on using 100% of our raw materials by repurposing scrap wood and even our sawdust. Plus, 80% of the electricity needed to run our factory comes from the solar panels on our roof.