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Looking to upgrade your home’s seating? Plank+Beam’s solid wood seating options have you covered. Whether it's hosting dinner parties or adding a touch of charm to your entryway, our range of solid wood dining chairs, solid wood dining benches, and solid wood entryway benches delivers the perfect blend of durability and style. Our dining room chairs come in various finishes to match every style, from sleek black dining chairs to bright white dining chairs to warm walnut dining chairs to suit any kitchen or dining room vibe. Crafted with quality solid wood, our modern dining chairs offer both comfort and durability, ensuring your guests feel right at home. To add even more seating space at your table, try our wooden dining room bench that takes up less floor space while accommodating more people. Not just limited to dining rooms, our versatile small entryway benches double as mudroom benches, providing that warm welcome and functionality. With Plank+Beam's collection, find your ideal wooden dining chair that's not just visually appealing but built to last, making every moment comfortable and stylish. Whether it's a solid wood kitchen chair or a sturdy dining bench, elevate your space with lasting quality and inviting designs.