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Introducing the Contour collection from Plank+Beam, where modern style meets modern functionality in the realm of solid wood furniture. The standout characteristic of this collection lies in the rounded edges, not just a design element but a functional feature that enhances the flow of movement throughout your living space.

Our wooden console tables are the best way to welcome guests into your home. Strong and sturdy, our solid wood console tables pair durability and versatility into one convenient package. Offering lots of surface area on their tabletops, these modern console tables are more than just a filler piece for your entryway or living space. Our modern entryway tables provide the perfect canvas to add personality to your home,
create a drop space for guests, and store anything you may not otherwise have a
place for. These modern style console tables with rounded edges instantly elevate your space from ordinary to extraordinary. Place your Plank+Beam wooden entry table behind a couch, on an empty wall, or by room front door to take your space to the next level.

Your modern dining table from Plank+Beam is sure to become your new favorite spot for hosting. Our modern tables for dining room add both style and functionality to your space, creating the perfect entertaining space for your home. Seat all your friends and family at a wooden dining table with bench, expanding your seating capacity. Built to last, our solid wood dining tables are as durable as they are stylish. These modern
round dining tables
and modern round kitchen tables suit any space with curved silhouettes and sleek design. Try out one of Plank+Beam’s Contour wooden dining tables today and enjoy meals with your loved ones in style for years to come.

A key component in creating a stylish living room is finding the right living room tables. Plank+Beam’s modern coffee tables and wooden side tables are the best way to create the cohesive living room of your dreams. Set down drinks, kick back your feet, or display your favorite décor on our modern style coffee tables, complete with rounded edges that make navigating the living room easy. Pair your modern round
wooden coffee table
with a wooden end table or two for a living room that matches perfectly. Host game nights, watch parties, and more worry-free with our solid wood coffee tables and solid wood end tables that are built with durability in mind. Decorating a living room has never been easier with our modern round coffee tables and modern lamp tables.