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Solid Wood Loft Beds

Plank+Beam’s exceptional selection of loft beds for adults creates the perfect fusion of functionality and style. These elevated bed frames add valuable underbed storage and extra space for your favorite furniture. Our wooden loft beds are perfect for spaces of any size, with twin loft bed and full-size loft bed options available. At Plank+Beam, we offer premium loft bed solutions that redefine the way you utilize your living space.

Loft Bed with Desk

Our loft bed with desk is the epitome of the pinnacle of multifunctional efficiency. This bed with desk underneath is designed to cater to all your work-from-home or studying needs while maximizing even the smallest of spaces. This sleep and study loft bed gives you the convenience of having a dedicated workspace without compromising on comfort.

Loft Bed with Staircase

Upgrade your sleep experience with our loft beds with staircases. These innovative designs replace traditional ladders with safe and sturdy steps, making access to your loft bed frame easy and comfortable. Our wooden loft beds with steps add an element of elegance to your room while ensuring practicality.

Loft Bed with Bookcase

Transform your loft bed into a captivating focal point with our loft beds with bookcase. Organize your favorite reads, décor items, or essentials within arm's reach. Our wooden loft bed with shelf design merges practicality with aesthetics, creating an elevated bed frame that resonates with your personal style.