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At Plank+Beam, we understand the essence of creating a warm and inviting living space. Our solid wood living room furniture sets are designed to be the heart of your home, providing a perfect blend of style and functionality. Mix and match our living room tables that effortlessly come together to form a cohesive living room set. You may be wondering: what brings a living room together? It's the careful selection of living spaces furniture that complements your style and fosters a comfortable environment for entertaining guests. With Plank+Beam, you can transform your living spaces with our classic, mid-century, and modern living room furniture, crafted to suit both large and small living room settings. Transform your living area with solid wood console tables, side tables, and coffee tables, and let the gatherings begin in style.

Console Tables

If you’ve ever wondered what are console tables used for, a better question may be what aren’t console tables used for. A couch table serves as the most versatile piece in your living room, and its styling possibilities are endless. At Plank+Beam, our console tables redefine adaptability, from the narrow console table that snugly fits in any space to the sleek black console table that immediately adds a touch of style to your space. These tables are not just an entryway table or a behind sofa table; they're a canvas waiting for your styling prowess. Place a solid wood console table behind your sofa and deck it out with your favorite décor, or opt for a console table with storage to declutter in style. Whether it's a modern console table or a classic foyer table, these versatile tables effortlessly transform to suit your space, ensuring both functionality and style in your home décor.

Side Tables

Solid wood side tables are the best way to add functionality to your living space, offering more than just a spot to set down drinks or display your favorite décor. These versatile end tables for living room redefine convenience. Need a spot for that stack of
magazines? An accent table does the trick. Looking for an end table with storage to keep clutter at bay? We've got you covered. Our collection spans from classic wooden side tables to sleek modern lamp tables, ensuring there’s a piece to match every style. Say goodbye to chaos and hello to organized living with our range of solid wood end tables.

Coffee Tables

Looking for that one versatile piece that does it all? Enter Plank+Beam's collection of solid wood coffee tables, where functionality meets style seamlessly. Need a spot to rest your feet? Check. Storage for your magazines and essentials? Absolutely, with our coffee tables with storage options. And let's not forget their knack for holding drinks or displaying your curated décor – from a classic wooden coffee table to a sleek modern coffee table, or even a striking black coffee table, we've got choices that suit every taste. Whether it's a round coffee table for an inviting feel or a rectangle coffee table for a more traditional touch, our coffee tables for living room offer the perfect blend of form and function. Decorate with flair, prop up your feet, or gather round for game night – our solid wood coffee tables are here to make your space both functional and fabulous.