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What is the best type of bedside table? The answer lies in Plank+Beam's sophisticated collection of solid wood nightstands. With our nightstands, you can elevate your bedroom's style with their stylish look and practical design. Whether you lean towards a white nightstand or a black nightstand, our bed tables are crafted for exquisite taste. Each nightstand with drawer offers convenient bedside storage, allowing you to declutter your sleep space effortlessly. From a single bedside nightstand to a set of two nightstands included in a bedroom set, our range ensures your bedroom aesthetic is harmonious and elevated. Our wooden bedside tables are built to last, showcasing a blend of durability and elegance. A night table from Plank+Beam ensures the best blend of function and style, making it the ideal choice for bedroom
. Explore our collection of solid wood night tables and discover the difference a Plank+Beam nightstand can make in your bedroom.

Modern Nightstands

Transform your bedroom with Plank+Beam's modern nightstands. Our contemporary bedside tables are the epitome of style and functionality, featuring drawers and shelves. Crafted from solid wood, these modern night tables boast a sturdy and refined design that seamlessly fits into any contemporary space. Whether you're seeking a sleek white modern nightstand or a bold black modern nightstand, Plank+Beam has you covered. These modern wood nightstands not only exude elegance but also offer practicality at its finest. Wondering how to design a contemporary bedroom? Start with our exquisite collection of contemporary nightstands, and let your creativity flow. With modern bedside tables from Plank+Beam, achieving the perfect modern bedroom has never been easier.

Classic Nightstands

Discover the enduring elegance of classic wood nightstands from Plank+Beam, where timeless style meets modern practicality. Our classic nightstands are designed to elevate your bedroom decor while providing functional bedside storage. Crafted with precision and attention to detail, these bedside tables with storage offer ample space
to keep your essentials organized, with options ranging from bedside tables with drawer to nightstands with shelf. Embrace the charm of a traditional nightstand that seamlessly blends classic design with contemporary convenience. Upgrade your bedroom today with our collection of traditional bedside tables – where style meets functionality.

Rustic Nightstands

Plank+Beam's rustic bedside tables make the perfect addition to any farmhouse-inspired haven. Crafted with a keen eye for country chic aesthetics, our modern farmhouse nightstands effortlessly blend rustic charm with practical elegance. These rustic wood nightstands are the epitome of shabby chic, adding character and warmth to your bedroom. If you’re wondering how to style a farmhouse bedroom or simply add some rustic charm, our farmhouse bedside tables are the answer. Elevate your interior with Plank+Beam's rustic wood bedside tables, where rustic style meets contemporary sophistication.