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When shopping at Plank+Beam, you can find a beautiful collection of rustic furniture that epitomizes the timeless charm of farmhouse living. Our carefully curated collection brings the rustic style to life, offering a range of options from rustic beds to rustic dressers to rustic nightstands, all designed to elevate your space. Crafted with a commitment to style and practicality, our farmhouse furniture seamlessly combines a cozy, rustic look with multifunctional uses. Add a touch of authentic rustic beauty to your home as our pieces transform your interior into a comfortable space to gather with family and friends. Discover the art of blending contemporary sensibilities with timeless allure, all captured within Plank+Beam's rustic furniture pieces, each narrating a unique story that celebrates the art of living beautifully.

Rustic Beds and Bunk Beds

Transform your bedroom with Plank+Beam's collection of rustic wooden bed frames and rustic bunk beds that seamlessly blend modernity and rustic allure. From queen bed frames to full-size beds to twin beds, our pieces add a rustic and homey touch to your space while ensuring practicality. Crafted with care, our solid wood beds provide both comfort and quality. Explore space-saving solutions with the rustic charm of our bunk beds for adults, effortlessly transforming your space with a touch of farmhouse beauty. Find the best bed frame that perfectly pairs contemporary practicality with timeless rustic style by shopping rustic bed frames from Plank+Beam.

Rustic Dressers and Nightstands Plank+Beam offers an array of rustic dressers and nightstands, blending modern functionality with rustic charm. Explore options from distressed white dressers to tall dressers. Crafted with durability in mind, our bedroom dressers and bedside tables feature high quality solid wood craftsmanship that enhances your bedroom’s shabby chic aesthetic and will last for years to come. Add a homey touch to your bedroom with rustic nightstands and wood dressers, embodying timeless beauty. These options are not only stylish but provide spacious storage solution, like our nightstand with drawer and 6-drawer dresser. From white nightstands to 3-drawer dressers, our collection offers a beautiful rustic option for every space. Experience modern convenience and rustic elegance with Plank+Beam's curated pieces, redefining bedroom aesthetics with approachable charm. Discover the best in rustic furniture with Plank+Beam.

Rustic Desks

Revamp your workspace with a touch of rustic charm through our cozy collection of rustic computer desks. At the intersection of modern practicality and timeless design, our rustic desks are the perfect way to boost your productivity in style. From spacious home office desks to writing desks, we cater to various needs, ensuring that every workspace, whether a home office or a small working corner, is optimized for both productivity and style. Experience the quality of durable solid wood craftsmanship as each wooden desk resonates with warmth and authenticity. Our rustic office desks seamlessly blend contemporary utility with rustic charm. Whether you're a student or a professional, our home desks are thoughtfully designed to provide comfort and efficiency. Redefine your work environment through our range of rustic wood desks and discover the perfect balance of style and productivity.

Rustic Underbed Drawers and Trundles

Rustic underbed drawers and trundles offer a fresh perspective on modern practicality and timeless charm, adding character to your bedroom. The seamless fusion of functionality with rustic style in our underbed storage solutions presents a practical approach to maximizing space. Discover the versatility of underbed storage drawers that cater to your storage needs, ensuring an organized environment while maintaining an impeccable design. Check out trundle beds for adults to create the perfect guest room with maximum sleep space that can be easily tucked away when not in use. Thoughtfully designed, these rustic accessories enhance your living spaces by exuding warmth and practicality, resonating with your refined sensibilities. The perfect combination of modern lifestyle necessities and rustic beauty is waiting for you, striking an ideal balance between convenience and farmhouse chic sophistication.