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What is the best bed for a guest room? Whether you’re
looking for a bed for guests for your spare bedroom or for your small bedroom, a solid
wood twin bed frame
from Plank+Beam is the perfect option for any home or apartment. Crafted from
sturdy, real wood, our wooden twin bed frame effortlessly blends into
any space, whether you prefer the classic appeal of a white twin bed frame
or the sophisticated boldness of a black twin bed frame. In addition to
being the ideal beds for small spaces, these twin beds for adults
are the ideal solution to creating inviting guest bedroom designs or
perfecting your Airbnb or vacation rental. Add one guest room bed or two
to your guest bedroom to create a space that will make your guests feel right
at home. Elevate your bedroom or guest room today with the beauty of a twin-size
bed frame
from Plank+Beam.

Modern Twin Beds

Add a touch of modern yet timeless style to your
bedroom with a modern twin bed frame from Plank+Beam. If you’re
wondering what kind of
beds are in style now, look no further than these stunning modern
. Our modern wood beds boast sleek, minimalist aesthetics that
seamlessly blend into contemporary living spaces, making them the ideal choice
for those seeking modern style bedroom furniture. Meticulously made with
gorgeous solid wood, these modern living beds radiate elegance and
durability, perfect for elevating both modern bedrooms and modern guest
. Choose from a bed with slatted headboard or panel
headboard to beautifully match the rest of your solid wood modern bedroom furniture.
If you’re searching for the perfect modern wooden bed for your space, shop
Plank+Beam today to create the modern bedroom of your dreams.

Classic Twin Beds

Our classic twin bed epitomizes timeless
elegance in the world of twin bedroom furniture. These traditional
wooden beds
boast a beautifully crafted slatted headboard, elevating
your sleep space to new heights of sophistication. The twin frame is a
resourceful solution to maximizing a small space. Whether you’re looking to refresh
your bedroom with a timeless touch or create a homey guest bedroom with twin
, a classic real wood twin bed is sure to elevate your space
with sophistication and style. Invest in a classic bed from Plank+Beam
today for a traditional bed that will last through years of peaceful
rest and cycling trends.

Rustic Twin Beds

If you’re looking to add a dash of shabby chic charm
to your bedroom, a twin-size rustic bed frame would make a beautiful
addition to your cozy retreat. With its timeless, rustic look, our modern
farmhouse bed frame
can instantly transform your space into an idyllic country
or rustic look bedroom. Available in driftwood and white
wood twin bed
finishes, our rustic wood bed frame options can easily
blend into any rustic bedroom style. For the best rustic bed out
there, look to Plank+Beam for all your country bedroom furniture needs.

Twin Platform Beds

Why do people like platform beds? Because they are an
affordable and convenient solution to creating a beautiful bedroom. Plank+Beam’s
solid wood twin platform bed seamlessly blends modern design with convenient
practicality. This twin-size platform bed boasts a sleek low bed
design that makes it a clever space-saving solution for smaller bedrooms.
Crafted with precision, this wooden twin platform bed frame combines
form and function, providing a sturdy foundation for a restful night’s sleep. Discover
beauty in simplicity with this minimalist twin bed with platform by
shopping Plank+Beam today.