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People often ask, “Is it worth upgrading to a queen bed?” An upgrade to a queen bed is the perfect way to spread out and get extra cozy. Our queen-size beds embody the essence of style, quality, and practicality. When furnishing your queen bedroom, our wooden bed frames are the ideal choice. Crafted with strong and stylish solid wood, our wood queen beds seamlessly blend enduring style with enduring quality. Our queen bed frames with storage offer a practical solution to maximize space, making them perfect for both smaller bedrooms and large bedrooms. Choose Plank+Beam for your queen-size bedroom and experience the blend of style and practicality that only solid wood furniture can offer.

Modern Queen Beds

Our queen-size modern living beds serve as the perfect centerpiece for modern bedrooms, with solid wood construction and stylish design. Our contemporary beds are not only trendy bed frames but timeless additions to the rest of your modern bedroom furniture set, delivering both aesthetics and function. This modern bedroom frame, whether you prefer a sleek white modern bed or a sophisticated modern black
, has the power to transform your space into the contemporary bedroom of your dreams.

Classic Queen Beds

What bedroom furniture is timeless? Plank+Beam's classic queen-size bed frames are the peak of timeless style. Boasting sturdy solid wood craftsmanship, these wooden
solid beds
feature a slatted headboard, perfectly blending classic style with modern functionality. Whether you prefer the simplicity of a white queen bed or the bold sophistication of a black queen bed, our collection offers the best queen beds for every style. More than just an elegant centerpiece for your bedroom, you can even invest in a classic queen bed with storage for extra functionality. Experience the perfect blend of classic and contemporary with these wooden slat beds and transform your bedroom into a sanctuary of style and comfort.

Rustic Queen Beds

Reimagine your bedroom with Plank+Beam's queen-size rustic beds, expertly crafted from solid wood to create a country-style bedroom that's both aesthetic and practical. Each modern farmhouse bed frame carries an elevated rustic look that seamlessly
blends with any farmhouse bedroom decorations. Our rustic-style solid wood bed frames are practical additions to any home, creating a rustic look bedroom that perfectly encapsulates modern farmhouse style. Take rustic bedroom style to the next level today with these stunning country-style beds.

Queen Platform Beds

Queen-size platform bed frames from Plank+Beam are the pinnacle of convenience. These simple wooden platform bed frames are both practical and stylish, fitting seamlessly into smaller spaces and any décor style. You may ask “what is the point of a queen platform bed?” The low bed frame design of this modern bed frame serves a dual purpose - it adds a touch of modern style and also offers the convenience of a space-saving design. With its minimalist bed frame, this wood platform bed frame truly encapsulates an elevated sense of style. For those in search of a low platform bed with sleek modern design, this modern platform bed from Plank+Beam is an ideal choice, demonstrating a practical yet stylish approach to modern-style bed frames.