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Timeless style meets unmatched durability in
Plank+Beam’s solid wood dressers. If you’re asking yourself “what are
the benefits of solid wood furniture,” the answer is clear with Plank+Beam’s knot-free
solid wood dressers. Our real wood dressers are built to stand the test
of time and add a touch of warmth and style to your space. Whether you're in
search of a white dresser or a black dresser, our collection
offers versatile choices to suit your personal style and needs. From 3-drawer
to 6-drawer dressers, all our designs provide ample storage
for all your favorite clothes. Plank+Beam offers nothing but the best
, blending practicality with elevated design. Shop Plank+Beam’s all
wood dressers today and discover why solid wood furniture truly is better.

Modern Dressers

Choosing a modern dresser for bedroom can
redefine the aesthetic appeal of your space, and Plank+Beam is your go-to for
quality modern furniture. A common question we often encounter is "How do
I make my dresser look aesthetic?" The answer is choosing a modern wood
. Opt for a modern white dresser or a black modern dresser
to enhance your room’s elegance. Our contemporary dressers are designed
with an elevated sense of style, combining practicality and sophistication.
Plank+Beam offers something for everyone, from modern tall dressers to walnut
. Don’t miss out on our solid wood modern dressers, a blend
of practical storage and modern aesthetics that can truly transform your

Classic Dressers

Plank+Beam's classic dresser collection pairs
timeless style with the practical needs of the modern home. Our traditional
style dresser
is designed to exude a classic style that seamlessly blends
with any décor. Crafted from strong pine wood, these timeless dressers
have the style and durability to last for years in your home, whether you opt
for a natural wood dresser or a rich brown dresser. With spacious
dresser drawers, these traditional dressers have all the storage
space you will need to stow away your prized possessions. With enduring style,
our classic wood dressers are sure to remain a classic, stylish
centerpiece in your bedroom for years to come.

Rustic Dressers

Plank+Beam is here to provide the perfect centerpiece
for your farmhouse bedroom décor: the rustic dresser for bedroom. A rustic
wood dresser
, like our distressed white dresser or rustic pecan
dresser, adds a touch of country charm while offering practical storage. Each farmhouse
is crafted from solid wood, embodying a shabby chic aesthetic
that's both modern and timeless. So if you're wondering how to style a
farmhouse bedroom, start with a farmhouse style dresser. A rustic
bedroom dresser
can set the tone for the entire room. No matter how you're
looking to decorate your rustic style bedroom, Plank+Beam has a rustic dresser
that will serve as the perfect staple to pull it all together.