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Plank+Beam’s modern furniture collection
embodies the essence of contemporary living. Elevate your spaces with our
thoughtfully designed modern living room pieces, including modern
side tables
and modern console tables that redefine elegance and
practicality. Our modern bedroom sets, including modern beds and modern
, and our modern dressers effortlessly combine sleek
modern style with practical functionality. Redefine your living and sleeping
spaces with Plank+Beam's contemporary furniture, where the fusion of
modernity and practicality elevates your everyday life.

Modern Beds and Bedroom Sets

Explore our collection of modern beds and modern
bedroom sets
that redefine the concept of contemporary living. Elevate your
personal spaces with our thoughtfully designed beds, ranging from spacious
king-size beds and queen-size beds to twin bed and full-size
options. Each piece reflects our commitment to merging modern
aesthetics with practicality, ensuring a safe and stylish sleep environment. A
modern wood platform bed is a perfect space-saving option to save
you the cost and bulk of a box spring. Embrace the allure of wooden bed
, whether it's a refreshing white bed frame or a sleek black
bed frame
, each crafted to seamlessly integrate into modern bedrooms.
Create your oasis with Plank+Beam's modern bed frames and bedroom
furniture sets
, curated to enhance your living experience through elevated design.

Modern Dressers

Plank+Beam's collection of modern dressers are
the epitome of contemporary aesthetics. Our bedroom dressers
effortlessly embody the essence of practical elegance, providing the perfect
focal point for any bedroom. Explore a variety of options, from white
and black dressers to tall dressers and 6-drawer
, each crafted with a refined touch. Elevate your living space with
the allure of solid wood dressers, whether it's a 3-drawer dresser
or a 5-drawer dresser, each piece thoughtfully designed to integrate
seamlessly into your modern lifestyle. Crafted from the most durable solid wood,
our dressers ensure both safety and durability. Choose from our range of beautiful dressers
to find the best dresser for your space, as Plank+Beam redefines modern
living through elevated design and timeless appeal.

Modern Nightstands and Side Tables

Plank+Beam introduces a contemporary twist to practical
furniture with our collection of modern nightstands and side tables. The
sleek modern design of our solid wood nightstands
and lamp tables is sure to seamlessly blend into and elevate any space.
Explore a versatile range, from white nightstands and black
to mid-century modern end tables for living room, each
piece carefully designed to fit your needs. Whether you're seeking a nightstand
set of 2
or just one bedside table, our selection caters to every
requirement. Elevate your interiors with both style and practicality with an end
table with storage
or a nightstand with drawer. Crafted with quality
and durability in mind, Plank+Beam's modern nightstands and accent
are the embodiment of practical elegance, inviting you to embrace
modern living without compromise.

Modern Console Tables

Experience the perfect blend of practicality and style
with Plank+Beam's collection of modern console tables. Elevate your
living spaces with our thoughtfully designed hallway tables that
seamlessly blend function and elegance. From entryway tables to sofa
, our modern console tables serve as versatile pieces for any
room. Explore the convenience of console tables with storage in the form
of built-in shelves and narrow console tables that are perfect for tight
spaces. Whether you're seeking a black console table, a warm-toned wood
console table
, or an entryway table with storage, Plank+Beam offers
an array of choices to enhance your interiors. Our high-quality solid wood console tables
are sure to provide a sophisticated touch to your space, adding a modern
flair that is sure to stand the test of time.