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Experience the timeless allure of classic furniture with Plank+Beam, where modern furniture meets traditional furniture for a beautiful look that will never go out of style. This collection encompasses an array of classic furniture pieces that seamlessly blend into any living space. From the charming feel of a classic living room to the warmth of more traditional dining room sets, complete with solid
wood dining tables
and more traditional dining chairs, every element exudes a sense of enduring style. Enhance your space with a more traditional
bedroom set
or a classic bed frame, each piece thoughtfully designed to provide both safety and comfort. Discover the perfect balance between the
past and the present, where classic furniture embraces a modern lifestyle.

Classic Beds and Bunk Beds

Discover the timeless charm of Plank+Beam's classic
beds and bunk beds for adults, where classic aesthetics meet modern practicality. Our wooden bed frames, whether full size bunk beds or queen over queen bunk beds, embody both practicality and style. From white wooden bed frames to wooden beds with storage, our solid wood
options redefine bedroom elegance. Elevate your space with the allure of a wooden king bed, wooden queen bed, or a wooden twin bed, seamlessly
blending refined tradition with contemporary design that will perfectly match your other solid wooden bedroom furniture. Experience the beauty of
classic style while enjoying the convenience of modern style with Plank+Beam's selection of classic wooden beds and bunk beds.

Classic Dining Tables, Dining Chairs, and
Dining Benches

Experience timeless sophistication with Plank+Beam's collection of classic dining room furniture, where modern practicality meets
enduring elegance. Our selection of dining room tables, dining chairs, and dining benches embody the essence of classic design, breathing new
life into your dining space. From white kitchen tables to black dining tables, each piece is thoughtfully crafted to ensure both safety and
comfort. Explore the charm of a wooden dining table with bench that seamlessly merges tradition with meticulous craftsmanship. Whether you seek the coziness of a dining table set for 4 or the space of a dining table set for 6, our offerings evoke a sense of nostalgia while meeting the demands of contemporary living.

Classic Console Tables

Explore the timeless charm of Plank+Beam’s classic
console tables
that seamlessly blend the allure of tradition with the practicality of modern living. Our collection boasts an array of elegantly designed console tables, including entryway tables, sofa tables, and hallway tables. Discover the perfect balance between form and function with console tables with storage in the form of built-in shelving, allowing you to elegantly declutter your surroundings, and narrow console tables that can squeeze into even the tightest of places. Whether
you're seeking a black console table to make a bold statement or a natural wood console table to add a touch of understated elegance, our selection caters to your style preferences. From behind couch tables to hallway and foyer options, Plank+Beam's wood console tables ensure both practicality and

Classic Dressers and Nightstands

Plank+Beam’s collection of classic dressers and
nightstands seamlessly blends timeless charm with modern practicality. Explore an array of bedroom dressers and bedside tables in a variety of stunning finish options. From tall dressers and 6-drawer
to white nightstands and black nightstands, our collection strikes the perfect balance between storage and style. Crafted from strong and durable materials, our solid wood dressers and nightstands prioritize quality and longevity. Whether you're in search of a white
or a nightstand set of 2, Plank+Beam offers classic furniture that effortlessly pairs function and elegance, inviting you to redefine your space with enduring allure.

Classic Desks

Discover the timeless elegance of Plank+Beam's classic desks, where modern utility meets enduring sophistication. Our collection of computer desks showcases a variety of elegantly designed options,
ranging from traditional writing desks to practical L-shaped desks, each embodying the essence of unpretentious luxury. From sleek white desks
to sturdy black desks, our wooden desk offerings encompass a diverse palette of classic choices. Elevate your work environment with the
perfect blend of form and function, ensuring comfort and practicality with every home office desk and desk chair combination. Add productivity
and style to your home office furniture with Plank+Beam's classic desks, where modern innovation meets timeless charm.

Classic Underbed Drawers

Elevate your bedroom's practicality with Plank+Beam's classic underbed drawers, seamlessly merging classic aesthetics with modern
functionality. Transform a regular wooden bed into a bed with underbed storage with this simple solution. This ingenious underbed storage option offers a stylish and practical solution for maximizing
space. Discover the convenience offered by drawers underneath bed, easily added to Plank+Beam’s solid wooden bed frames. With a commitment to both function and style, Plank+Beam provides the best underbed storage drawers,
ensuring your living space remains uncluttered while exuding timeless elegance. Embrace the seamless integration of form and function as our underbed
storage drawers
redefine your bedroom's organization, reflecting a modern, elevated approach to living.