7 Tips to Create an Instagram-Worthy Home

7 Tips to Create an Instagram-Worthy Home

In the era of social media, your living space is more than just walls and furniture; it’s your personal masterpiece in the making. Whether you’re looking to show off your space to your followers or simply up your home décor aesthetics, the journey to an Instagrammable home is a fun process that allows you to add personality to your space.


Get ready to transform your living space into a visual marvel that not only radiates your personality but also serves as a picture-perfect backdrop. With these seven practical tips and a touch of creativity, your dream home is just a snapshot away from becoming reality.


1. Elevate Aesthetics and Organization with Multifunctional Storage Furniture

Combining style and functionality is key to creating an Instagram-worthy home. A cluttered space doesn’t photograph well, but neither do clunky storage bins and boxes.


Enter stylish storage solutions such as 6-drawer dressers, nightstands and console tables that make organization look better than ever. These storage solutions can not only make your space look neat and tidy enough to post but add a decorative flair that will wow your followers.


For even more space, try a storage bed with drawers underneath to discreetly store your clutter in style.


6 drawer solid wood dresser in blonde


2. Make a Statement

Add some personality into your home by incorporating statement furniture pieces. Consider adding a mid-century modern bench to the foot of your bed to not only add extra seating to the room but add a captivating focal point to your space.


You can also play around with contrast to add a bold and unique touch to any space. By pairing black dining chairs with a white dining table or adding a colorful accent wall to your living space, you can create a space that stands out from the rest.


boho bedroom with solid wood bench at end of bed


3. Brighten Your Space with Light-Colored Furniture

Nothing says bright and inviting like light-colored furniture. By incorporating a white dresser, a natural wood bed frame, or a seashell console table into your space, you can create an airy ambiance that’s perfect both for living and for photographing.


Leveraging the power of natural light further enhances this effect, so position your furniture strategically near windows to harness daylight's radiant glow.


solid wood modern console table


4. Utilize Vertical Space

Making use of vertical space can work wonders in making a room appear more spacious than it is, especially on camera. Incorporating a tall dresser into your space adds a vertical element that draws the eye upward, creating an illusion of higher ceilings.


This simple yet effective technique adds depth to your space, enhancing its overall aesthetic. By saving extra floor space with space-saving solutions like this, you also have room for fun accent pieces that add extra personality to your room, such as a fun-colored rug or statement floor lamp.


5 drawer dresser for bedroom


5. Infuse Greenery for a Natural Touch

Embrace the beauty of nature by incorporating plants into your home décor. By adding your favorite potted plants to the top of a console table, a windowsill, or as a centerpiece for your dining table, you can add an earthy and homey vibe to your space.


Adding a touch of greenery not only contributes to a refreshing atmosphere but enhances the visual appeal of your home, making it more photogenic.


solid wood hallway table with plants


6. Create the Ultimate Photo Backdrop for Guests

Whether you're hosting a gathering with friends or welcoming guests to your Airbnb, providing a photo backdrop in your space offers an easy and delightful way to capture memories. Transform an empty wall into a captivating scene by adding décor like unique printed wallpaper or a vibrant neon sign.


Enhance the setup further by placing an entryway bench in front, making it convenient to photograph large groups. By incorporating this fun addition, your home or Airbnb will become the go-to destination for Instagrammable pictures, ensuring unforgettable moments from these special experiences.


solid wood entryway bench with shoe storage and decorative pillows


7. Use Symmetry for a Cohesive Look

Symmetry is a key factor in designing a bedroom that is visually pleasing, cohesive, and balanced. Establishing symmetry in your bedroom can be as simple as adding matching nightstands and lamps to either side of your bed.


This cohesive arrangement not only elevates your space but also translates beautifully onto your Instagram feed. A bedroom set is a simple way to achieve a clean, symmetrical look in your space, ensuring your nightstands and bed frame will match perfectly.


walnut bedroom set with two solid wood nightstands


Crafting an Instagram-worthy home doesn’t require a complete overhaul; it's about enhancing what you have with thoughtful design and carefully selected furniture pieces. By incorporating these nine tips, you will not only elevate your space to new levels of Instagrammable perfection but also create a home that is an accurate reflection of your style and personality.


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