How to Entertain Guests With Plank+Beam Furniture

How to Entertain Guests With Plank+Beam Furniture

Entertaining guests in your home is key to making unforgettable memories with family and friends. The environment you create plays a pivotal role in setting the mood for the occasion, whether it’s a cozy dinner, a lively game night, or an impromptu gathering in your living space.


At the heart of these memorable gatherings are furniture pieces that make this connection possible.


Plank+Beam is here to change the way you host. Our solid wood dining tables, coffee tables, and console tables are designed to enhance every moment with friends and family.


Indoor Dining Tables

Your dining table is the heart of your home, a place where friends and family can gather for potlucks, dinner parties, Sunday brunches, and more. Plank+Beam dining tables are unmatched in their ability to bring people together, with sturdy construction that will last through countless gatherings.


For more intimate occasions, a small wooden dining table, such as our 48-inch wood dining room table or the slightly larger 60-inch dining table, provides the perfect setting for a quick breakfast or an evening of playing cards.


small dining table in seashell wirebrush with solid wood dining room chairs in walnut


On the other hand, our expansive 72-inch dining table or the grand 94-inch option allows you host holiday gatherings and family reunions with ease and style.


large dining table for 10 with solid wood dining chairs and modern dining table with rounded edges and black dining chairs


Another option worth considering is our round dining table, which fosters conversation and interaction among all guests, making get-togethers even more engaging.


round wooden dining table in white sand wirebrush with white dining chairs


Outdoor Dining Tables

As the weather warms up, take the party outside with our durable outdoor dining tables. Whether it's a spring garden party, a summer barbecue, or a cozy fall bonfire, our Plank+Beam patio tables are designed to serve as the perfect backdrop for your outdoor gatherings.


Add an outdoor dining table with bench to your screened-in porch or covered patio to maximize your entertaining space, and watch it become the go-to hangout spot for the warmer months.


outdoor table for dining


Coffee Tables

Plank+Beam coffee tables make the most versatile addition to your living room, providing functionality and style for any occasion you may decide to host.


For example, bring the fun of the movie theater right to your living room with our solid wood coffee tables, providing the perfect spot to set down snacks, drinks, and all your favorite movie theater treats.


Whether you're hosting a blockbuster marathon or a cozy Netflix night, our coffee tables ensure that everything you need is within arm's reach.


black coffee table for living room


Or, gather your friends and family for a fun game night in your living room. With our coffee tables with storage options, you can keep all your favorite board games, card games, and puzzles neatly organized and ready for action. Our tables provide plenty of surface area for game boards and snacks, ensuring that the fun never has to stop.


Finally, unwind after a long day with a happy hour at home, gathered around our round wood coffee table. The circular design of a round coffee table encourages conversation and connection, while its ample surface area leaves plenty of room for drinks, snacks, and more.


round solid wood coffee table and side table for living room


Whether you're catching up with friends or enjoying a quiet evening in, our small round coffee tables set the perfect stage for relaxation and socializing.


Entryway Tables

Your entryway sets the tone for your home, offering a warm welcome to everyone who steps through your door. Make this first impression count with a Plank+Beam console table.


Not only do our entry tables add a decorative touch to your space to make it extra homey, but they also provide a practical spot for guests to set down their belongings when they arrive.


With our solid wood entryway tables, you effortlessly make your guests feel at home right from the entrance. Try out our solid wood console table with storage cubbies or a shelf, perfect for stowing away guests’ keys, jackets, and more, keeping your space tidy while adding an inviting charm.


modern black console table for entryway


Entertaining guests can transform any ordinary day into a memorable occasion, and with the right pieces from Plank+Beam, like our sofa tables and real wood dining tables, you’re equipped to cater to any event.


From large holiday feasts around our farmhouse dining table to meaningful conversations over our small coffee table, fostering connections becomes second nature.


The furniture you select speaks volumes about your hosting style. With Plank+Beam tables, you can create spaces that are not only beautiful but functional, making each gathering an event to remember. Incorporating Plank+Beam furniture into your hosting plans means choosing pieces that stand the test of time, both in durability and style.


Ready to host the best get-togethers? Shop our solid wood dining tables and living room tables today and get free shipping when you spend over $200.