5 Best Fall Furniture Trends for 2023

5 Best Fall Furniture Trends for 2023

As vibrant summer shades give way to the warm and cozy hues of fall, you have the perfect opportunity to refresh your space just in time for the changing seasons. This fall, get ready to transform your space with the most captivating new trends that will take your home from ordinary to extraordinary.


Whether you’re looking to make your bedroom cozier for cold weather, create a more inviting dining area in time for Thanksgiving or simply infuse a touch of autumnal charm into your home, these five furniture trends are sure to give you the ideas you need to elevate the aesthetic of your home.


Black Accents

Using black accent furniture is an easy way to add depth and contrast to your home décor. By simply adding a black console table to your entryway, a black accent table to your living room, black dining chairs to your dining room or a black nightstand to your bedroom, you can instantly elevate your space and add an air of sophistication and refinement.


Despite being on trend this season, black never goes out of style, offering the perfect balance of trendiness and timelessness. Both a stylish and safe choice, black is the perfect choice for the cautious and frugal trend-follower who doesn’t want to completely redecorate every year as trends change.


black coffee table, black dining chairs, and black console table in modern living room


Natural Wood

Natural, warm-toned woods can help to infuse fall’s signature cozy and inviting feel into any room in your home. To create a cozy retreat that makes winding down easy, try a natural wooden bed frame to turn your bedroom into a perfectly relaxing sleep space.


A two-toned solid wood bedroom set is also a beautiful way to add some contrast to your room while still achieving the same cozy look in a minimalist style. For those who prefer a more subtle touch of the fall season, consider adding wooden picture frames or fun seasonal decorations atop a sofa table or chest of drawers, adding a rustic warmth to your living room.


If your home office needs a fall makeover, a wooden desk can provide a natural element that can inspire tranquility and productivity during the crisp autumn months.


blonde real wood dresser


Mixing Classic and Modern Styles

The key to keeping your space exciting and fresh lies in using a mix of classic and modern elements. Consider pairing a modern dining table with classic dining benches or couple a classic wooden bed frame with sleek mid-century modern nightstands for an effortlessly cool and unique room refresh.


This trend allows you to be creative by mixing and matching to create a beautifully balanced environment where past and present styles effortlessly coexist. When mixing and matching different styles, whether you prefer modern, classic or any other style you may want to incorporate, make sure your furniture has at least one element in common, like finish or material, to ensure a clean and cohesive look in your space.


wooden dining table set with two dining benches and black dining chairs


Rustic Style

Rustic furniture gives a nod to countryside charm, bringing a farmhouse chic aesthetic to your home with a modern barnwood style. By introducing rustic elements such as a solid wood bed, dresser or nightstand, you can add a comforting and charming touch to your space that will transport you to a cozy countryside retreat.


You can also incorporate some vintage décor, cozy blankets and pictures with family and friends to add to the homey vibe of your space. For a fresh take on this timeless look, try pairing rustic furniture with modern elements, such as a rustic wooden bed coupled with modern nightstands.


rustic solid wood bed frame


Muted Colors and Earth Tones

Bring the palette of autumn into your home with muted and earthy colors. A wood dining table with a pecan or walnut finish is the perfect way to embody the essence of fall’s neutral tones.


These understated shades make for a serene and inviting atmosphere that is ideal to come home to after a long day. To break up the neutral tones and make your space more visually appealing, try pairing an earth-toned dining table with white or black dining chairs to add an interesting contrast.


72 inch dining table with black solid wood dining chairs


This year’s fall furniture trends offer a wide range of options to customize your space to your own personal style with a refined and modern yet timeless touch. Whether you prefer a bold or a more muted look and whether your décor leans more modern or more classic, there is a trend that will perfectly align with the vision you have for your home.


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