6 Reasons Why Solid Wood Bedroom Furniture Is Best

6 Reasons Why Solid Wood Bedroom Furniture Is Best

Shopping for bedroom furniture that is beautiful and built to last? Choose solid wood. Combining timeless design at a great price, solid wood furniture provides great value for your space. Check out these 6 reasons why solid wood bedroom furniture is best for every master bedroom, guestroom, or vacation rental. 


Strength and Premium Quality

Why solid wood furniture? The solid wood bed frame you've been eyeing is more than just an attractive, stylish piece for your bedroom — it holds lasting value. Make sure to pick bedroom furniture that is crafted with premium-grade, knot-free, solid wood made of pine, birch, or maple for extra sturdiness and exceptional style.


Solid wood is also a great material to pair with larger bed sizes, such as queen and king-size bed frames, because of its superior strength. Solid wood beds and bedroom storage are also available in a variety of natural looks to add to your neutral room décor. If you’re looking for stained wood, make sure to go with low-VOC paints and stains for a healthy sleep environment. 


queen bed frame with modern nightstands


Durability and Longevity

What is the longest lasting furniture? Solid wood furniture is designed and manufactured to withstand the test of time without compromising the beauty of its craftsmanship. Not only does it look great, but solid wood beds and bedroom furniture are also durable enough to handle daily wear and tear.


Pets and kids jumping on the bed? With solid wood beds, you can sleep soundly knowing your furniture is sturdy and strong. Its long-lasting nature will add charm and character to your home décor, making it perfect for both a stylish statement piece as well as everyday furniture. 


queen size walnut bed frame with two solid wood nightstands


Timeless Style

Solid wood bedroom furniture is a classic option when it comes to interior decorating, as its timeless and elegant style never goes out of fashion. Does wood furniture have to match? 


Solid wood bedroom furniture lends itself to the perfect balance between classic charm and modern decor and can be easily integrated into any style of room to instantly add a touch of timeless elegance.



king size walnut bed frame



There are many different styles of solid wood bedroom furniture that will provide the perfect match for your space. Modern and rustic furniture offer the greatest differences, both with their unique, trendy styles and finishes. Modern solid wood beds create a more contemporary look with their more minimalistic designs, straight lines, and solid neutral or two-tone color palettes.


On the other hand, rustic solid wood beds fit perfectly in your coastal, cabin, or modern farmhouse design. With a unique barnwood finish, each rustic solid wood bed has a unique look that shows the beauty of the natural wood grain.


Whether you like a rustic, farmhouse look or want a piece with a sleek, modern aesthetic, solid wood beds, dressers, nightstands, and more are sure to elevate your home's décor.


queen bed frame with storage



How is wood more sustainable? Solid wood furniture is made from wood, a renewable resource. Many furniture manufacturers choose to source their wood materials from sustainably managed forests in order to support efforts to care for our planet.


Because of their durability, solid wood pieces also have the potential to be reused, repurposed, or recycled, making them a great choice for your home and the planet. These environmentally friendly, solid wood designs can be passed down, making them a great value for families.



full size bed frame with headboard



Easy Maintenance

Is wood easy to maintain? Solid wood furniture is a great investment for those who want to be able to have classic and stylish pieces in their home with easy maintenance.


Unlike other furniture that starts to show wear and tear after minimal use, solid wood furniture is easy to take care of. Those spills and messes? With solid wood furniture, it’s easy to wipe them up with a damp cloth or paper towel for a spotless look every time.



walnut king size bed frame



Easy Assembly

Solid wood furniture is not only durable and beautiful, but it can also be surprisingly easy to assemble. Unlike some other types of furniture that require complicated instructions and hours of frustrating assembly, solid wood pieces often come with clear and simple directions that make the process a breeze.


This is because solid wood is a high-quality material that is designed to fit together snugly and securely, without the need for excessive hardware or complicated tools.


queen size platform bed frame in pecan


Whether you're a seasoned DIY enthusiast or just looking for an easy way to furnish your home, solid wood is a great choice when shopping for bedroom furniture. If you keep these six factors in mind when shopping, you're sure to end up with a purchase you'll love for years to come.


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