How to Care for Solid Wood Furniture

How to Care for Solid Wood Furniture

If you want to spruce up your home, wooden furniture like a wooden bed frame or a wooden dining table can make a world of difference. Solid wood furniture is a great way to add a touch of character and personality to your space. But remember, proper care is key to keep these solid wood pieces looking beautiful for years to come.


To ensure your investment in wooden furniture stays as stunning as the day you bought it, you can follow these five essential tips:


1. Clean up spills immediately

2. Avoid harmful chemicals in cleaners

3. Avoid placing rubber or plastic on wood furniture

4. Limit exposure to sunlight to prevent color fading

5. Check and retighten hardware to maintain sturdiness


Clean Up Spills Immediately

Whether it's your favorite wooden side table or the party-favorite dining table, it's important to protect their beauty and longevity. Never let spills sit for too long on solid wood surfaces, as they have the potential to leave behind stubborn stains and unsightly discoloration that can harm the furniture's appearance.


Similarly, make sure to use coasters under all drinks to retain your furniture’s natural beauty. By quickly dealing with spills, you can keep your favorite wooden pieces in top-notch condition.


Black Dining Table Set with Two Dining Benches, Plant Centerpiece, Brown Rug, and Decor


Choose the Right Cleaners

When cleaning wooden furniture, it's important to be mindful and avoid any potential damage to the finish. Steer clear of cleaners that contain harmful chemicals such as ammonia, abrasives, silicones, or acetone.


These chemicals can take away from the beauty of the finish, compromising the overall appearance and aesthetic appeal of your wooden chairs, solid wood desk, or other furniture. For proper cleaning, start with a soft, damp cloth. If needed, you can use gentle, non-abrasive cleaners made for wooden furniture. This way, your wooden pieces continue to serve as staples in your home.


Solid Wood Modern Dining Table and Chairs with Banquette, Striped Rug, and Floral Centerpiece


Avoid Placing Rubber or Plastic on Wood Furniture

Rubber or plastic materials, which are often found on the bottom of items like lamps or clocks, can sometimes react poorly with lacquer finishes. This chemical interaction has the potential to affect the appearance of your furniture.


To keep your wooden console table, nightstand, and other wood tabletops in the best condition, swap out the feet for felt. By doing so, you create a protective barrier that minimizes the risk of any harm or scratches to your stunning wooden furniture pieces.


Solid Wood Console Table with Lamp, Books, Decor, and Basket of Pillows Underneath


Limit Direct Sunlight Exposure

Your gorgeous wooden bench or comfy wooden bed may seem like the ideal spot to bask in the sun, but remember to watch out for the possible effects of sunlight exposure on your furniture. Long periods of intense sun exposure can slowly fade your wooden furniture's color, so it's important to take proactive steps to protect and maintain its vibrancy.


Move your wooden furniture to a spot with limited direct sunlight or add curtains to your furniture's finish stays as rich and vibrant as the day you bought it.


Solid Wood Dining Table Set in Pecan with Blue Flower Centerpiece and Candlesticks



Check and Retighten Hardware Periodically

Over time, due to regular use and environmental factors, the hardware that secures your wooden chair or solid wood dining room table may gradually loosen. It is recommended to inspect these pieces every so often and, when necessary, retighten them to maintain their stability.


However, remember to be cautious and not over-tighten things, as too much force can cause damage. By staying on top of these maintenance tasks, you can keep your wooden furniture pieces extra sturdy and in great shape.


Modern Dining Table Set in Seashell with Two Dining Benches, White Dining Chair, and Floral Centerpieces


At the end of the day, the best way to care for your wooden furniture is by appreciating its natural beauty and understanding its unique characteristics. If you're looking for wood furniture that can withstand years of use and serve as a staple in your home, Plank+Beam offers the perfect options for you.


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