How to Choose a Dining Chair for Your Entertaining Space

How to Choose a Dining Chair for Your Entertaining Space

If you’re looking to create a stylish and practical space in your home for entertaining guests, dining room chairs play a crucial role. The perfect dining chair not only elevates the aesthetics of your space but provides you and your guests with comfortable spots to relax, enjoy a nice dinner and have a delightful time together.


There are several factors to consider as you search for a dining chair that suits your needs and your dining table. In this guide, we’ll explore the key elements to consider when selecting the perfect dining chair that suits your needs and enhances your entertainment area.


1. Size: Ensuring a Perfect Fit

Whether your dining area is large or small, it is important to consider how to best maximize the space and ensure your furniture fits comfortably within the room. Here are some steps you can take to choose the correct size and number of dining chairs, along with a space-saving alternative option.


Measure Your Dining Room

Before selecting dining chairs, make sure to measure your dining room so that your dining set fits in the space. This ensures that your dining room doesn’t feel uncomfortable and overcrowded and keeps you from having to squeeze behind chairs to get around.


As a general rule, leave at least three feet of space between your dining chairs and the wall to be certain you will have no issue navigating your space comfortably. 



solid wood dining room table with two black solid wood dining chairs



Measure Your Table

If you already have a dining table, check its dimensions before you decide what size and how many chairs you should purchase. Generally, you should allow about 21 to 22 inches per chair and allow about 10 to 12 inches of space between the seat and the tabletop.


You should also consider how you intend to use your space when deciding how many chairs to purchase. For example, Plank+Beam’s 72-inch solid wood table functions well as a dining table for 6 or a dining table for 8.


Whether you plan to have family and friends over for dinner, you’re hosting a fun game night, or you need to get some work done, a 72-inch table checks all the boxes.



solid wood dining table with black solid wood dining chairs



Consider Benches

If you have limited space but need to seat more guests with ease, a bench would be a great option to consider. With a high 600-pound distributed weight capacity, Plank+Beam’s benches can accommodate many guests and can neatly and comfortably slide underneath tables for even more room.


Many solid wood dining table sets include benches, ensuring that your bench will be a perfect fit for its accompanying table.



modern dining table with modern dining bench and chairs



2. Comfort: Creating an Inviting Seating Experience

When entertaining guests, comfort is key. Guests should never feel as though they are in a rush to stand up due to discomfort, and a good chair should encourage them to linger at the dining table a little longer, enjoying good food and conversation.


There are a few features you should keep an eye out for in your dining chair search to guarantee your guests a comfortable and relaxing experience in your home.


Angled Backrest

An angled backrest is one feature that can enhance the comfort of your dining chair. The angles of this type of backrest not only provide better spine support than a typical chair but allow you to lean back and relax after a meal.



solid wood white dining chair at round kitchen table



Contoured Seat Design

Dining chairs with a contoured seat design match the shape of the body to allow for the most relaxing seating experience. This feature is perfect for extended gatherings as it prevents discomfort that comes from sitting for a long period of time.


Not only is this feature useful for entertaining guests, but it can also be crucial for working from home and other situations in which you must stay seated for longer periods of time.


black wooden dining chair


3. Style: Elevate Your Dining Room Aesthetics

Although comfort is crucial, style is just as important in creating an inviting environment for your guests. By choosing from different dining chair styles, you can let your personality shine through and make guests feel warmly welcomed with a visually appealing entertaining space.


Here are some style considerations to keep in mind when choosing your dining chairs. 



Whether you prefer walnut, pecan, white or black dining chairs, there are plenty of dining chair options that will help to elevate your space. However, when choosing a finish for your dining room chairs, make sure to consider how the finish will complement your dining table.


For a clean and uniform look, try a solid wood dining set to ensure a perfect color match. If you are going for a fun and trendy vibe, experiment with mixing and matching different table and chair finishes, like a white solid wood table paired with black dining chairs.


However, if you want to go with a mix-and-match look, make sure your table and chairs have an element in common, such as material or style, to maintain a stylish cohesive look.



breakfast nook with small kitchen table and dining table chairs




To add a pop of color and inject some personality into your space, try adding some fun cushions to your dining chairs. By throwing a cushion on the seats of your dining chairs, you can add a little extra comfort to your dining room chairs while showing your personal style and making your guests feel a little more at home.



There are many materials you can choose from for your dining chairs, from wood to metal to upholstered to plastic. For a look that will stand the test of time and fit your space no matter how many times you may change your décor, go for solid wood dining chairs.


With durability and a classic look that can match any space, a solid wood dining set is a timeless and stylish piece that any guest will admire and appreciate during their visit to your home.



solid wood dining chairs at wooden kitchen table



By considering your chair size, comfort and style preferences, you can confidently select dining room chairs that will not only fit your space but elevate it. When searching for dining chairs that combine space efficiency, comfort and style, Plank+Beam is your go-to destination.


By exploring our wide selection of products, you’ll discover a world of quality solid wood dining chairs that are thoughtfully designed, meticulously crafted and tailored to suit your personal needs. Transform your dining experience with Plank+Beam and create a place where you can gather with family and friends in comfort and style.


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