What Dining Tables Are In Style In 2024?

What Dining Tables Are In Style In 2024?

Keeping your home's design fresh and stylish can feel challenging, especially with new trends popping up every day.  It's a tricky balancing act – you want your space to be chic and current, but not so “in the moment” that it needs a complete overhaul by next season.


Your dining room is no exception. Your dining table is more than just a place to eat; it's a backdrop for valuable memories with the people closest to you. Striking the perfect balance between trendy and timeless when choosing a dining room table is important in creating a space to enjoy for years to come.


We’ve searched the design world to bring you the top dining table trends of this year. These trends are not only eye-catching but have enduring style that will last through changing seasons. Ready to transform your dining room into a stylish, welcoming space that everyone will admire? Let's get into our favorite solid wood dining tables of the season.


Minimalist Dining Tables

Less is more, especially when choosing a dining table. Minimalist dining tables embrace simplicity, allowing your décor to take center stage and creating a sense of uncluttered spaciousness in your home. Whether you're into coastal vibes, modern aesthetics, or Scandinavian design, minimalist dining tables fit seamlessly into a variety of décor styles.


Our modern dining tables are a prime example of minimalist style done right. Featuring high quality, sturdy tabletops and straight legs, these modern Plank+Beam dining tables keep it simple to let your personal style shine through in your dining area.


modern wood dining table with bench and black dining chairs


Looking for a similar style with a little decorative flair? Our Contour dining tables offer a sleek yet stylish design with rounded corners and legs, perfect for those who appreciate small details.


solid wood dining set with bench and black dining chairs


Try a 48-inch dining table for your breakfast nook, a 72-inch dining table for dinner parties with friends, or a 94-inch dining table for large holiday parties with family.


Round Dining Tables

Round dining tables have been stealing the spotlight this year, and it's easy to see why. Not only are they stylish, but they also foster a sense of togetherness and encourage conversation among friends and family. Perfect for smaller spaces, round kitchen tables ease movement around the table and create a cozy dining atmosphere.


At Plank+Beam, we understand the appeal of solid wood round dining tables, especially in breakfast nooks or smaller dining rooms. We specifically designed our small round dining tables to maximize both style and functionality, offering the perfect blend of style and function for your home. Our 47-inch round wood dining table is the perfect size for small spaces or corners in your home.


round wooden kitchen table with white dining chairs


Farmhouse Dining Tables

There's something undeniably charming about farmhouse tables. With their shabby chic appeal, these solid wood tables bring a homey feel to your dining area. Boasting versatile style, they fit beautifully with Bohemian, rustic, and eclectic styles.


Our classic dining table captures the essence of farmhouse charm, featuring bell-shaped legs and a sturdy crossbar for added support. These tables combine key elements of modern farmhouse style into one gorgeous design.


Like all of our wooden dining tables, we craft our classic wood dining room tables with sturdy solid wood to remain a long-lasting staple in your dining space. From quick lunch breaks to unforgettable moments with friends, these real wood dining tables boast sturdy construction to last for years of meals and memories.


farmhouse tables with wooden dining chairs and dining benches


Mid-Century Modern Dining Tables

Step back in time with mid-century modern dining tables, a trend that continues to captivate design enthusiasts in 2024. With their sleek lines and iconic designs, these tables offer a contemporary take on retro flair. Versatile enough to complement eclectic, contemporary, or minimalist styles, mid-century modern dining tables add a touch of nostalgia to any dining space.


At Plank+Beam, our mid-century dining tables are designed to impress. From tapered, angled legs to sleek tabletops, these solid wood kitchen tables epitomize retro chic while offering durability and functionality for everyday use. Their simple design lets your décor speak for itself and evolve with your style and preferences.


mcm dining table with bench and black dining chairs


Updating your dining space with a stylish new table can breathe life into your home, making it feel both modern and timeless. No matter your decor preferences, there's a style that's perfect for your home. Minimalist, farmhouse, round, or mid-century modern tables can all add a unique touch to your space.


At Plank+Beam, we’re passionate about crafting solid wood dining tables that not only catch the eye but also stand the test of time. Remember, the right dining table isn't just about what's trending – it's about what makes your space feel like home.


Check out our entire collection of solid wood dining tables today to find your perfect match. Here's to many more memories made around the dining table, in a space that's uniquely yours.


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