6 Best Tips for Hosting Thanksgiving Dinner

6 Best Tips for Hosting Thanksgiving Dinner

As leaves begin to fall from the trees and the scent of pumpkin spice fills the air, it’s time to start making plans with your loved ones for Thanksgiving dinner. If it’s your turn to host this year, you may wonder: how do you host an easy Thanksgiving dinner?


It’s never too early to start making arrangements not only for the feast itself but for accommodating guests, especially those visiting from out of town. To ensure your Thanksgiving dinner is a resounding success, we've prepared six essential tips to elevate your hosting game and create a Thanksgiving feast that your family and friends will be thankful for this holiday season.


1. Create a Welcoming and Functional Entryway

First impressions matter, especially for hosting. Having a homey entryway that serves all your guests’ storage needs is an essential part of hosting people for Thanksgiving.


Welcome your loved ones into your home with an entryway table or bench that is not only the perfect place to showcase your cozy Thanksgiving décor but a great place for guests to leave their bags, coats, and more. A console table with storage, such as a console table with a shelf, is a great place to add bins where people can store their belongings and easily grab them on the way out the door.


Additionally, add a coat rack or some wall hooks so guests can hang their coats and bags.



solid wood entryway table



2. Prepare Your Guest Room

When you’re welcoming guests from out of town, you want them to feel at home and have the most pleasant and comfortable experience possible while staying at your home. But what makes a guest room feel cozy?


Making it feel as much like home as possible. Give your guest room a refresh during the week leading up to Thanksgiving to give your loved ones a cozy retreat in your home. Make sure they have plenty of storage, whether it’s with a tall dresser, a 6-drawer dresser, or a bedside table, so they can easily unpack their belongings.Stock the rooms with fresh linens so they can have a peaceful and refreshing sleep.


If you’re looking for the perfect guest room bed, look no further than bunk beds for adults. A bunk bed not only allows you to welcome more guests into your home but opens up floor space to make your guest room feel roomy and comfortable.


adult bunk bed with trundle bed frame


3. Declutter Your Kitchen

A clutter-free kitchen sets the tone for a stress-free cooking experience. Tidy up your counters and make sure all your cooking essentials are where they belong before you begin preparing your feast to make sure the process goes smoothly.


If you’re short on cabinet space, try using a wood dresser or nightstand with drawers to store clutter that could get in the way as you carve your turkey, mash your potatoes, or perfect your pumpkin pie.



3 drawer solid wood dresser in pecan



4. Maximize Seating at the Dining Table

Of course, the feast is the most anticipated event of the Thanksgiving festivities. If you have a large family, then it can quickly start to get crowded around the table. So how do you host a large Thanksgiving dinner?


To make sure everyone can gather around comfortably, it’s important to evaluate how many people your dining table can seat. If you’re short on dining chairs or need to squeeze a few extra people at the dining room table, dining benches are a practical and stylish solution to maximizing your seating capacity.


Mixing and matching dining benches and dining room chairs can not only add a unique and cozy feel to your dining space but allow you to welcome more guests to your Thanksgiving celebration.


thankgiving solid wood dining table


5. Create a Stylish Serving Area

With so many delicious food options to choose from, from cranberry sauce to stuffing, you want to ensure that everyone has enough room to put their plates and silverware. To avoid overcrowding at your kitchen table and make sure everyone has plenty of space to feast comfortably, consider setting up a console table to serve as a makeshift buffet.


Not only can this solution save space at your wooden dining table but it can save you the hassle of passing bowls of food around the table over and over. A console table can serve as a buffet table, or it can even serve as a space to hold your extra plates, bowls, glasses, and silverware or a self-service bar.



black modern console table in dining room



6. Add Festive Décor

Last but certainly not least, no Thanksgiving celebration is complete without festive décor to set the ambiance. Transform your sofa table or hallway table into a captivating centerpiece of seasonal charm.


Adorn it with beautifully crafted autumn-themed vases, apple pie scented candles, and an array of stunning pumpkins in various shapes and sizes. These simple and cozy touches create an inviting and welcoming atmosphere, enveloping your home in the spirit of gratitude and togetherness.



entryway console table



In conclusion, hosting a Thanksgiving dinner is an opportunity to create unforgettable memories surrounded by your loved ones. From the moment your guests step into your welcoming entryway, to their serene nights in your guest room, and the delicious feast at your dining table, each detail is an expression of your love and gratitude.


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So as you prepare for this year's Thanksgiving dinner, remember – we're here to help make your home a place where unforgettable memories are made. Give thanks, eat well, and celebrate the holiday with Plank+Beam.


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