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Solid Wood Bunk Beds

Discover the perfect solution for maximizing space and style with Plank+Beam’s bunk beds for adults. Plank+Beam offers twin over full bunk beds, twin bunk beds, full over full bunk beds, twin XL over queen bunk beds, and queen bunk beds, perfect for any space. Whether you’re looking for sturdy bunk beds for your guest room, Airbnb home, or your own bedroom, Plank+Beam offers a wide selection of the best bunk beds for adults that will elevate both the style and functionality of any room.

Bunk Beds with Desks

Experience the ultimate in multitasking with an innovative bunk bed with desk. Whether you're a remote worker or a student, these bunk beds with desks offer a convenient workspace right beneath your cozy sleeping area. Embrace efficiency and maximize space without compromising on comfort.

Bunk Beds with Trundles

Hosting guests has never been easier with our bunk bed with trundle. Create a welcoming sleep space for friends and family, as these space-saving marvels effortlessly transform into comfortable sleeping arrangements. Our wood trundle beds ensure comfort and convenience, making every stay memorable.

Bunk Beds with Storage

Say goodbye to clutter and hello to cleanliness with our bunk bed with storage. From a bunk bed with drawers to a bunk bed with bookshelf, these clever designs help you make the most of your space. Experience the ease of keeping your essentials within arm's reach, all while enjoying the modern aesthetics of our bunk beds with storage.