Black Furniture: How to Style This Trend

Black Furniture: How to Style This Trend

Looking to give your space a trendy yet timeless touch? If there’s one trend that’s here to stay, it’s black furniture. This versatile staple isn’t just having a moment; it’s claiming the spotlight for good.


Whether you prefer cozy vibes or you’re into a more minimalist chic space, black furniture’s got your back. Before you dive into this must-have trend, let’s unpack all the need-to-know details about black furniture so you can style it perfectly to fit your space and your unique personal style.


Why choose black furniture?

Black furniture is a stylish and practical choice for any space for many reasons. Firstly, stains are no match for black furniture. Even if you accidentally spill a drink or drop some food, black furniture stays intact and as beautiful as the day you bought it, so you can eat dinner, host guests, and go about your daily routine worry-free.


Next, black furniture adds contrast to your space, making a statement and amping up the style of the room. For example, if your dining room is feeling drab and boring and you don’t know what to do about it, simply adding black chairs can instantly take the room to the next level.


And lastly, black furniture is the most versatile piece you could add to your space. As your style inevitably evolves and changes, black furniture remains a classic piece that will fit in no matter your style preferences. Even if you choose to completely redecorate, you can count on black furniture to fit right in.


Solid wood black dining chairs with solid wood dining room table and dining benches in seashell


Is black furniture in style?

Though black furniture is trending through 2024, it isn’t just a fad. Time and time again, black furniture has proven to be a go-to, reliable choice that effortlessly fits any home’s vibe. So, if you're wondering whether black furniture is in style, the answer is always a resounding yes. This trend is a forever favorite and one that you won’t regret embracing.


Solid wood black dining table with solid wood dining chairs in pecan


Does black furniture match everything?

Absolutely, without a doubt. Black furniture embodies versatility.


Not only does it match everything, but it effortlessly complements a wide range of styles, color palettes, and wood finishes from pecan to walnut. Whether your vibe is cozy and rustic or sleek and modern, black furniture is the staple that ties it all together.


And here's the beauty of it: as your style evolves or you find yourself in new spaces, black furniture evolves right along with you. It's not just a one-time match; it's a long-term companion in your style journey, adapting to the changing landscapes of your taste and surroundings.


Black bedroom bench and solid wood contemporary bedroom set with two nightstands and dresser in seashell


How do you make black furniture pop?

The trick to making black furniture stand out in your space is playing around with contrast. Pair black with light neutral colors like soft creams, gentle pastels, or crisp whites to keep your space feeling open and breezy, and of course, on trend.


Or, if you’re up for something bolder, throw in a pop of color. Whether it’s a vibrant rug, lively pillows, or a statement piece of art on the wall, a splash of color is a great way to stylishly highlight the boldness of black furniture.


Making your black furniture look its best is all about adding the right amount of contrast and style.


Solid wood black 6-drawer dresser with mirror and decor


What colors complement black furniture?

Black furniture is the perfect canvas for exploring new colors in your space because it goes with everything. There are a few different approaches you can take to pairing your black furniture with other colors.


The first is pairing it with light neutrals, like crisp whites, gentle greys, or muted beiges. Using this achromatic color scheme in your space provides a sleek, modern, and clean backdrop that accentuates the beauty of your black furniture.


If you’re feeling bold, introduce vibrant jewel tones like striking reds, royal blues, or rich emerald greens to add a “wow” factor to your space. For a touch of earthy comfort, earth tones can infuse warmth and depth into your space, making it feel extra cozy. Or, add a touch of luxury with metallic accents, whether you prefer silver or gold.


Last but not least, pastels delicately contrast with black furniture, creating a serene and calming atmosphere, the perfect spot to decompress after a long day. The beauty of black furniture is that it is not limited to a specific color palette and allows you to experiment with your personal style.


Black solid wood dining chairs with modern dining table in pecan, greenery and cream sofas


How can I style black furniture in each room in my home?

Although black furniture is the ultimate versatile addition to your home, we understand how it can be difficult to decide where to start. Since black furniture goes with just about everything, it can be overwhelming to choose how to style it.


To give you a jump start on decorating, here are a few of our favorite rooms that feature black furniture to spark some inspiration.


Dining room

This beautiful dining room pairs sleek black dining chairs with an earthy solid wood dining table and greenery to create a natural and airy space. The gorgeous neutral tones in the sofa, counters, and vases meet earth tones in the dining room table, shelves, and pillows, and the black dining chairs and cabinet add the contrast that ties this room together.


To create even more contrast, add a black dining table with earth toned dining benches and chairs.


Solid wood black dining chairs with modern solid wood dining table in pecan




These solid wood black dressers for bedroom are just the thing this space needed. Breaking up the muted tones of the plaid rug, table lamps, upholstered bed, and end of bed bench, these bold 3-drawer dressers bring contrast to a neutral room with subtle pops of muted pink and burgundy.


For a twist on this look, try incorporating a black bed frame with a wooden dresser in a pecan finish.


Two black solid wood 3-drawer dressers with upholstered bed, end of bed bench, and neutral decor


Living room

This living room is the perfect example of pairing light neutral colors with black accents for a modern vibe. The black console table and black coffee table stand out in a room of soft greys and crisp whites.


This color combination creates a calm and relaxing space that is great for both decompressing after a long day and entertaining guests.


Black modern solid wood hallway table and black coffee table with light neutral decor


Whether it's the dining room, bedroom, or living space, black furniture is the best way to tie your space together, creating spaces that are both practical and stylish. So, if you're looking for a way to balance trendy and timeless in your home, black furniture is the answer you've been searching for.


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