Why You Don't Need a Box Spring for Your Bed

Why You Don't Need a Box Spring for Your Bed

When creating the perfect relaxing sleep space, every detail matters, from your mattress to comforter to sheets to pillows.


However, have you ever wondered what role a box spring plays in your sleep experience? What does a box spring really do? Do you even need a box spring?


Though box springs have been a staple in the traditional bed setup, more modern and innovative designs have proven to be more efficient solutions to supporting your mattress and creating the best possible sleep experience. In this post, we’ll discuss the reasons why you don’t need a box spring for your bed and explore a more efficient and modern solution.


Understanding the Box Spring

A box spring is a mattress-sized box covered in fabric, placed between your mattress and your bed frame and designed to raise your mattress. Box springs are only necessary if your bed frame does not have a foundation. If your bed has a foundation, a box spring is not required.


Though box springs may be necessary for many beds, it is worth considering making the switch to a bed that doesn’t need a box spring, as there are many downsides that come with using a box spring.


what is a box spring


One major downside to using a box spring is that they can impede airflow as your mattress ages. Moisture tends to get trapped in your box spring’s non-porous polyester fabric, which prevents your mattress from ventilating properly.


With the decreased airflow through your mattress, it’s easy to overheat during the night. Your box spring also loses some of its support with age, which can cause your mattress to sag, affecting its longevity and negatively impacting your sleep quality.


Another downside is the excessive extra height that comes with a box spring. Many box springs add significant height to your bed and when paired with a thick mattress, they can lift your sleep surface very high off the ground. This can make it much more difficult to climb in and out of bed.


Lastly, box springs are an unnecessary expense in your already costly bed setup process. When you’re already spending money on a bed frame, a mattress and linens, a box spring is the last thing you need to spend more money on. A box spring alone can cost over $200, which you could otherwise put towards investing in a higher quality bed or mattress.


Why Beds with Slats Are a Better Investment

While there are many beds that may require box springs, the best choice you can make when furnishing your bedroom is a bed with wooden slats. Slats are a series of flat, wooden boards that run horizontally across your bed frame to support your mattress. Beds with slats are a modern and innovative solution to the problems that box springs cause, all at an incredible value.


Beds with wood slats or slat rolls can add support without the weight of a heavy box spring. While you may be inclined to add a box spring to the base of your bed, this is not always the right choice. In fact, since a box spring is bulky, adding one to a slatted bed frame can only take away from its weight capacity. At Plank+Beam, we offer only the most durable beds, complete with sturdy wooden slats and a metal support bar to create the strongest sleep surface possible.


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All of our beds offer a superior weight capacity, and our king and queen bed styles even offer center support legs that support up to 1,000 pounds. Unlike box springs that can lose support quickly, our beds with wood slats are built to last. Crafted with strong wood, you can be sure your wooden slat bed frame will stand the test of time. Slats also help to add rigidity to your bed frame, keeping it in place without any fear of wobbling.


Beds with slats can also improve the air circulation problems that come with box springs. The space between each of the slats opens your mattress to better airflow, which helps to regulate temperature and moisture and makes for a better sleep environment.


For even better airflow and temperature regulation, Plank+Beam offers an 8-inch memory foam mattress that is ideal for a refreshing night of sleep. Its layer of perforated memory foam helps to channel heat away from the body and when paired with one of our bed frames with wooden slats, you can ensure you will have a cool and relaxing sleep every night.


why beds with slats are better


A bed with wooden slats is also a great option for anyone on a tighter budget. Without the added expense of purchasing a box spring, you can save money for other important aspects of your life.


At Plank+Beam, we pride ourselves in offering the highest quality solid wood beds at an accessible price, and our beds with slats are no exception. By choosing a bed with slats from Plank+Beam, you can save money not only by skipping a box spring but by choosing an affordable bed frame.


Lastly, beds with slats can elevate the style of your space. Bulky box springs can take up a lot of valuable headboard space, so by using a bed with slats instead, you can show more of your beautiful headboard to elevate the aesthetic of your room.


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From white to pecan to walnut to espresso, Plank+Beam has a beautiful bed with slats in the perfect finish to complement your unique style. Additionally, our solid wood beds come in a variety of styles, including rustic, contemporary, classic, and modern to suit any vision you may have for your space.


Finding the right bed frame to maximize comfort and support is key to getting a good night’s sleep. Because of the various downsides of box springs, opting for a bed with slats is the smart and cost-effective choice for better sleep.


Plank+Beam’s beds with slats offer unparalleled strength and durability to provide an ideal sleep surface with superior mattress support. In addition to their practicality, our beds come in finishes and styles to suit any bedroom and elevate the aesthetic of your space by increasing headboard visibility.


Make your bedroom a place where you can truly relax in peace knowing that you have invested in a piece of furniture that will keep you supported without compromising on comfort or quality. Elevate your sleep experience today by shopping Plank+Beam's selection of platform beds, bunk beds, and loft beds for adults– the smart and stylish choice for unparalleled comfort, durability and style, ensuring your bedroom is a place for relaxation and quality rest.


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