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If you’re wondering how to choose a desk for your home office, it depends on your needs. Plank+Beam offers a range of solid wood desks that combine modern design with practical functionality, making them perfect for any workspace and any home office furniture needs. Whether you're in need of a compact writing desk for small space or a large computer desk with storage for all your essentials, Plank+Beam has got you covered. Every piece in our collection, from our bedroom desks to our home office desks, will be perfect in your space, blending refined style with practicality. With Plank+Beam, you'll find the perfect wooden desk to suit your work-from-home needs.

Console Tables

If you’re wondering what you can do with a console table, the better question would be what you can’t do with a console table. A wood console table from Plank+Beam moves beyond a mere entryway table, transforming into a versatile piece of furniture that can elevate any space. Its narrow console table design makes it an ideal hallway table or sofa table, fitting perfectly into tight spaces while adding a touch of refined style. By using a console table with storage, you can declutter your foyer table with ease. Whether you choose a black console table for a bold look or a white console table for a fresh, modern appeal, you're choosing a solid wood console table that is durable and elegant. Decorating a console table has never been simpler, thanks to the Plank+Beam's selection that offers the perfect balance between function and style.


What is the purpose of an entryway bench? At Plank+Beam, we believe that benches for the entryway are more than just pieces of furniture—they’re statements of style and practicality. Perfect for organizing your entryway or mudroom, our versatile entryway mudroom benches serve multiple purposes while adding a touch of modern style to your home. Use them to sit, store, and even display decor. But why stop at your entryway? Our stylish dining benches offer a fresh and contemporary take on traditional dining room benches, making them a fitting choice for both kitchens and dining rooms. Whether you're searching for a bedroom bench that doubles as a chic seating solution or a hallway bench to upgrade your space, Plank+Beam's collection caters to every need with elevated and approachable designs. Experience the blend of versatility and style with Plank+Beam's entryway and dining benches.