Best Modern Beds for Small Spaces

Top 5 Best Beds for Small Spaces

What bed is best for a small room? Whether you’re renting your first apartment and you don’t have much floor space in your bedroom, moving into a new house and stuck on where to store all your clothes, or wondering how to style a small guest room, finding the right bed to suit both your space and your individual needs is no easy task. Your room should be a safe and relaxing space for you, and choosing the right bed can make or break the ambiance and functionality of the space. Luckily for you, we’ve compiled a list of our top five favorite Plank+Beam beds for small rooms, from beds with storage to platform beds. Keep reading, and you’ll be styling a small bedroom like a pro in no time.


1. Modern Solid Wood Queen-Size Bed with Slatted Headboard

The Modern Queen-Size Bed with Slatted Headboard is the perfect wooden bed frame for those looking for a bed large enough to share, but still appropriate for a smaller bedroom. This modern bed frame has a sleek, low-profile design that takes up less vertical space and helps lift your line of sight, making your room appear larger than it actually is.


Crafted from sturdy solid wood, this Plank+Beam queen-size bed frame ensures solid support and durability that helps it last for years to come. Its minimalist design and variety of neutral finishes, including white, black, and blonde, make it the perfect fit for any smaller space, regardless of your personal style and décor choices.


Black modern solid wood bed frame with solid wood headboard and holiday decorations


2. Modern Queen-Size Bed with Panel Headboard and Storage Drawers

If you're looking for a bed with stylish modern design, sturdy solid wood construction that’s built to last, and built-in storage that works in a small space, look no further than the Modern Queen-Size Bed with Panel Headboard and Storage Drawers. This Plank+Beam queen bed frame with storage is a perfect fit for couples looking to maximize space without cutting corners on style.


With two spacious underbed storage drawers that easily glide in and out from underneath the bed, this storage bed adds an extra dimension of organization to your bedroom without taking up any extra floor space. Use its underbed drawers to store extra bedding, seasonal decorations, clothes, shoes, or anything else you may not otherwise have room for, and maintain your room’s style without overcrowding it with boxes and bins.


Modern solid wood bed with underbed storage drawers


3. Full Platform Bed

If your bedroom is too small to fit a queen bed and you need a bed for limited space, a full-size bed is the ultimate solution for you. With this Plank+Beam full-size platform bed frame, you get the same double bed design as you would with a queen bed, just in a slightly smaller package that’s better suited to more compact spaces.


Plus, this contemporary bed frame’s low-profile design opens up vertical space and makes your room feel bigger. This walnut bed frame adds a cozy and warm feeling to your space and has a minimalist design that allows you to decorate however you please.


Solid wood platform bed


4. Rustic Full Bed with Storage Drawers and Panel Headboard

This full bed with storage combines the small double bed design of a classic bed with the innovative, space-saving solution of underbed storage drawers to create one of the best beds for compact spaces. This rustic Plank+Beam bed frame effortlessly saves space and does so in style, boasting a gorgeous panel headboard that comes in a variety of rustic finishes.


Just like the queen bed, this solid wood storage bed offers spacious underbed storage drawers that are sure to fit all your bedroom essentials, no extra closet space necessary. Storage for a small bedroom is important to making it feel larger than it actually is, and this bed easily provides it. This rustic bed frame pairs perfectly with shabby chic décor, making for an extra cozy and relaxing vibe in your space.


Rustic solid wood queen bed with underbed drawers


5. Classic Twin over Twin Bunk Bed with Underbed Storage

If you’re furnishing a smaller bedroom for an Airbnb, vacation rental, or guest room, Plank+Beam’s solid wood bunk beds for adults are the most space-efficient choice you can make for your space. These adult bunk beds utilize vertical space by stacking sleeping spaces and save precious floor space.


Plus, these Plank+Beam solid wood bunk beds with storage make extra room for everything you’ll need to welcome guests into your home, including extra bedding, blankets, and towels. Your guests will appreciate the extra space to unpack and spacious amount of headroom on these twin over twin bunk beds for adults that gives them plenty of room to sit up.


Twin over twin-size bunk bed with storage drawers


Finding the perfect bed for a small space can be tricky. You want to strike the perfect balance between style, function, and durability, and you shouldn’t have to sacrifice any of these just because you have a smaller room. Plank+Beam's solid wood bed frames are the perfect pick for bedrooms of any size, from small to large.


Boasting classic, modern, and rustic styles in a range of sizes and gorgeous neutral finishes, there truly is a Plank+Beam bed frame for everyone, regardless of their space or personal style. By shopping Plank+Beam, you’re setting yourself up for years in a beautiful and functional bed that’s built to last.


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