How to Choose the Right Size Dining Table

How to Choose the Right Size Dining Table

When it's time to choose a dining room table for your home, the variety of options available can feel endless, leading to a tough decision. Yet, selecting the perfect dining table isn’t just about what looks good.


The size of your table, from a small kitchen table for cozy dinners to a large dining table for grand family gatherings, plays a pivotal role in creating a comfortable, functional dining space.


There are a few essential steps you’ll need to follow to ensure your new dining table not only fits your space but your lifestyle as well:


1. Measure your dining space

2. Determine your seating needs

3. Choose the appropriate shape


Whether you're eyeing a solid wood round dining table or a rectangular modern dining table, let’s go over how to make sure you land the perfect match for your dining area.



1. Measure Your Dining Space

To ensure the perfect fit, break out your tape measure and measure your dining space. It sounds obvious, but many people skip this step only to find their beautiful new solid wood dining table is either too large or awkwardly small for the room.


The golden rule when selecting the size of your dining table is ensuring there's enough room around it. You'll want to leave at least three feet of space between your wooden dining table and the wall, kitchen counters, or any other furniture. This allows for easy movement and accessibility around the table, not to mention room to pull out dining chairs and dining table benches without squeezing through tight spaces.


One practical tip is to tape out the dimensions of your desired table on the floor with painter’s tape. Whether you're considering a round kitchen table or a solid wood dining table for 6, visualizing the space it will occupy can hugely impact your final decision.


solid wood dining set in pecan wirebrush



2. Determine your seating needs

Thinking about how many people will regularly gather around your table is crucial. You should allocate about 2 feet of table space per person. Here's a quick breakdown:


  • - A 48-inch dining table comfortably seats up to 4 people, making it a fantastic choice for breakfast nooks, small families, or tighter dining areas.



  • - For the ultimate hosts with ample dining space, a 94-inch dining table can seat up to 10 guests, perfect for big family gatherings or entertaining friends.


If you need to squeeze lots of people into your dining space, incorporating a dining bench offers flexibility in seating and can be tucked away under your wood dining room table table when not in use. A dining table with bench is a great space-efficient option for any sized dining area.


solid wood dining room set for 6 with two benches



3. Choose the Appropriate Shape

The shape of your table significantly affects the flow and functionality of your dining space. Certain table shapes suit different room shapes and sizes better. Here's a quick overview:


  • - Round dining tables work beautifully in square-shaped or smaller areas. Round tables promote easy conversation and movement around the room, making for a cozy dining experience.


  • - Rectangular dining tables fill larger rooms well. They're the go-to for long, open-plan spaces, providing ample room for a solid wood dining table for 6 or even a modern dining table set for 6. Conversely, small rectangular dining tables fit nicely into corners like breakfast nooks or banquettes.


Choosing the right dining table involves more than just finding a look that you love. It's about understanding your space, your needs, and how you want your dining area to function. Whether it's a small kitchen table, a large wooden kitchen table, or a round kitchen table, remember, it's not just a place to eat — it's a place to live life. Keep these tips in mind, and you're sure to find not just a table, but a hub for social gatherings that suits you perfectly.


solid wood round dining table with white dining chairs


Frequently Asked Questions

How do I choose the right size dining table for my dining room?

Measuring your dining area is the most important step in deciding on the right size dining table. Make sure you leave at least 3 feet between each side of your dining table and walls, counters, or other furniture to ensure the perfect fit. Additionally, keep in mind how many people you would like to seat at your dining table and whether a round or rectangular table would better suit your space.


Is my table too big for my dining room?

To ensure your dining table won’t be too big for your space, measure your dining room and subtract 6 feet from the length and width. Using these calculations, you can find a dining table that is the appropriate length and width to fit perfectly in your dining area.


Which dining table takes up less space?

Small dining tables, like a 48-inch dining table for 4, are best for dining rooms with limited space. Additionally, round dining tables are a great fit for tighter spaces, as their rounded design makes them easier to move around.


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