7 Tips for Furnishing Your New Home

7 Tips for Furnishing Your New Home

Preparing to move into a new home, whether it's your first home or you're just seeking a change of scenery, can be fun and exciting. It offers fresh opportunities and a blank canvas to create your dream home.


However, there are factors to consider that can make the experience overwhelming, like managing your budget, furnishing your home and ensuring ample space for all your belongings. Furnishing your new home involves creating a space that reflects your style and meets your needs, transforming your house into a true home.


In this post, we'll provide seven practical tips to guide you through the process. These tips alleviate some moving stress, allowing you to focus on the exciting aspects and maximize the potential of your new space. Let's dive in and discover the key considerations and strategies to bring out the beauty of your new home.


1. Measure Your Space

Before even thinking about choosing furniture, grab your tape measure and measure each room accurately. Make sure to purchase appropriately sized pieces based on the room size to maximize space.


For smaller areas, consider multifunctional furniture like loft beds with desks, bookcases, or storage towers. These multifunctional beds provide storage options and create additional underbed space for items like a bedroom dresser or lounge area that you may not have otherwise had room for.


Bunk beds for adults are another excellent space-saving solution to add extra sleeping options. For a home office, a corner desk with shelves is a great way to maximize both storage and space.


Upholstered bed frame with two solid wood 3-drawer dressers, lamps, and flowers


2. Prioritize Quality

It can be tempting to simply choose furniture with the lowest price tag, but sacrificing quality can lead to frustration and additional expenses down the road. However, you don’t have to break the bank to invest in high quality furniture.


For example, by investing in a wooden bed frame with slats, you can avoid the unnecessary cost of a box spring and rest assured knowing you have chosen a supportive, comfortable and durable bed. Additionally, multifunctional pieces are not only a great way to save space but can save you the cost of buying two separate pieces of furniture.


Queen-size wooden bed frame in walnut with plaid bedding, plaid wallpaper, and decor


3. Establish Your Style

Deciding on your style before going furniture shopping is an essential step to designing a cohesive home. Are you drawn to the clean lines of modern design, the timeless charm of classic style or the warmth of rustic pieces?


No matter what style you prefer, deciding on one aesthetic before picking out your furniture ensures everything comes together harmoniously, creating a space that feels curated and inviting. To make sure everything in your space matches in finish, style and more, dining room sets and bedroom sets are a great way to select furniture that is sure to match perfectly.


Solid wood bed frame in walnut with neutral bedding and solid wood nightstand in walnut


4. Stick to the Basics First

Creating your dream home doesn’t happen overnight, and that’s perfectly fine. Furnishing a new home is a large expense that should be spread out over a longer period.


When you’re first moving in, it’s best to start with staple pieces of furniture, such as a wood platform bed, a dining table set, and a dresser. Having these essential pieces ensures that you have places to sleep, eat and store your possessions as you move in.


As you start to settle in, you can then fill them in with smaller decorative pieces to add that personal touch that turns your house into a home. Remember, your home is a work in progress, and taking your time allows you to make thoughtful choices that truly resonate with your lifestyle.


Solid wood dining table set in pecan with two dining benches in pecan and woven rug


5. Upgrade Your Mattress

A good night’s sleep is the foundation of a well-lived life, so make sure not to overlook the importance of a quality mattress. Especially during an exhausting move, getting good sleep is essential to being productive and getting moved in efficiently.


Moving to a new home provides the perfect opportunity for a fresh start with a new mattress that will give you the support and comfort you need to get through the moving process. A memory foam mattress is a perfect option that strikes the optimal balance between firmness and comfort, making for a relaxing night of sleep every night.


King-size bed frame in walnut with modern nightstands, lamps, and bench


6. Stay Organized

Moving can be chaotic, and smaller items can easily get lost in the shuffle. To combat clutter and keep your belongings organized during your move, use furniture with storage solutions to store any smaller items you want to keep from getting lost.


By using a 6-drawer dresser or a bedside table with ample storage, you can enhance the aesthetic of your space while keeping your prized possessions safe and within reach, even during the hustle and bustle of a move.


Solid wood 3-drawer dresser in black with basket, books, and vases


7. Order Online

In today’s world, convenience is key. By ordering online, you can avoid the hassle of going to the furniture store in a high-pressure sales environment and hauling furniture from the store to your new home.


Having furniture delivered to your door cuts down on the stressful steps of moving and allows you to take a deep breath and give yourself a pat on the back for all your hard work. Plus, when you shop online, you can avoid the dreaded impulse purchase that you will regret for years to come.


Give yourself time to contemplate the look you want for your home before ordering online and you will be much happier with the result.


Solid wood dining chairs in pecan with white solid wood dining table and floral centerpiece


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